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Human Capital Management...

Service offering details:

  • Evaluation and redesign of the current HR strategic model, to adjust it to the organization's strategy and objectives, maximizing services and managing challenges in business and processes changes.
  • Diagnosis, design and implementation of integral total remuneration plan strategies - compensation, benefits and perquisites - including specific solutions to manage salary administration processes - structures, evaluation systems and job classification, competency models, merit increases matrixes, policies and processes, etc.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and harmonization of HR instruments, plans and programs, including the development of strategies to provide clients with the competitive advantage.
  • Evaluation and planning of intellectual capital needs, determining the best balance between resources quality/quantity.
  • Development of plans to assist organizations to manage the communication strategy process, at corporate and employee level - changes of plans, programs and policies, processes, etc.
  • Evaluation of the organization climate and measurement of workforce satisfaction to detect factors determining employee performance.
  • Evaluation of the HR processes through performance indicators.
Our value added:
  • We assist our clients to transform their Human Resources function to maximize results, manage organizational change processes and evolve from a merely operational role, to become a business partner performing a participating and strategic role.
  • We possess depth knowledge of local market practices and tendencies, with an international perspective obtained counseling domestic and multinational organizations.
  • Our solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients, with a vision gear to aggregate value and optimize processes and costs.
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