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Professional Management Consulting Services


Organizational Effectiveness

Our firm assists organizations to integrate strategies, decision making processes and improvement, quality and innovation initiatives to ensure an organizational development in line with business objectives.

Core Global Management ™ orient organizations in defining strategies to facilitate operational models reduce change rejection risk; facilitate assimilation of new technologies, processes and roles. Our approach can be summarized in the following phases:

Summary of our services:

  • Organizational diagnosis to measure efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources - financial, human, technological - in order to satisfy customer needs - internal/external and to achieve organizational goals.
  • Design of job/tasks and processes alignment and reporting relationship to coordinate and motivate organization members to work as a team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Action plan design to arrange processes hierarchy, feasibility and necessary resources thereof.
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance evaluation.
  • Evaluation of new processes, through performance indicators to allow monitoring organizational results.
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