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Organizational Effectiveness...

Service offering details:

  • Senior management strategic business performance definition, review and clarification, to identify and implement specific plans in order to transfer strategy to an executable operational model, diminishing the possibility associated with resistance to change, while at the same time facilitating assimilation of new technologies, processes and roles and improvement of internal and external customer satisfaction level.
  • Review organizational structure and decisions making flow, in order to develop a formal structure that effectually support the business vision and strategy.
  • Evaluation, mapping and re-engineering of processes conforming the performance of final customer products and services, defining recommendations that cooperate with the processes synergy.
  • Evaluation of the leadership style prevailing in the organization.
  • Design and evaluation of surveys "Benchmarking" between key competitors; to make use of the best practices and determine recommendations that would allow identification and capitalization of the organization's competitive advantages as an integral entity - capital and labor synergy as production elements.
  • Corporate Governance decisions making analysis in order to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations affecting business results and its impact on the organization ethical values.
Our value added:
  • We maintain a strategic alliance connection with our customers to allow us to understand the organization performance processes - in an effective manner - and define innovative answers and solutions to ensure performance is in tune with business objectives.
  • Our diagnostic method uses efficiency, effectiveness and productivity indicators to allow an in-depth evaluation of the performance of the processes from a business strategic approach, its functional inter-relationship, as well as of the flexibility and dynamics to smoothly transition change.
  • Our methodological orientation provides us with the competitive advantage to integrate, reinforce and provide solutions focused on the more efficient cost/benefit principle for our customers.
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