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Professional Management Consulting Services




Our firm offer HR outsourcing services to manage administrative and operational results, allowing the function to focus in the business strategic vision, competitiveness and/or intellectual capital needs. Through this transfer of responsibilities, HR becomes less oriented to transactional processes and more engaged in strategic ones.

The services we offer include payroll, benefit provider analysis, selection and evaluation of benefit providers, telephone assistance center "call center", employee WEB pages portals and Human Resources consulting services related to partially or totally assume its management.

Summary of our services:

  • Administration of payroll processes. *
  • Benefit programs provider selection process management.
  • Telephone assistance center for employees "Call Center".
  • *
  • Employee WEB page design for communication of benefits, policies and human resources procedures, to channel effectively and efficiently information flow to the employees. *
  • Partial or total support of the HR functions under our "HR Support Service".

* On implementation process.

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