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Professional Management Consulting Services




Service offering details:

  • We offer full payroll process management services through our "Business Partners" - direct deposit, income calculation and legal, social and contractual deductions, special allowances and other contributions, paystubs and taxes voucher generation, etc. *
  • Benefits provider selection management process - medical plans, life/accident group insurance, etc. - from the proposal requisition and service offer evaluation through the audit, follow up and monitoring of performance indicators.
  • Our employee telephone assistance center will progressively offer  a 24/7 personalized service, exclusively dedicated to the Human Resources area.
  • Our employee internet WEB page service allows the worker to consult his personal, payroll and benefit information as well as human resources policies and procedures. *
  • Under our HR Support Service we complement or totally assume the Human Resources operation, offering an advantageous cost/benefit option that allows reducing the human resources structure fixed costs.
Our value added:
  • We create integral solutions with an approach that allows our clients to transfer not only administrative/operative HR functions, but also the responsibility over the results and continuous process improvement and aggregate value of our services on achieving organizational goals.
  • An employee assistance service center - Call Center - operated by Representatives with specific knowledge of human resources and its programs, therefore apt to effectively satisfy employee needs.
  • "HR Support Service" provided by our Consultants who process depth knowledge of HR policies and procedures as well as market practices and trends.

* On implementation process.

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