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Risk Management...

Service offering details:

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of strategy, action plans and risk management policies of plans, processes and risk control and mitigation activities.
  • Evaluation of loss intensity and probability of occurrence in relation to possible business impact and the effect on long-term projected financial statements.
  • Evaluation and definition of policies that would allow the determination of processes, action plans and strategies which would contribute to evaluate the necessary resources to recover the operational financial balance, effectiveness and efficiency once the accidental loss occurs - at short and medium term - to achieve long-term risk cost consistency.
  • Development of recommendations to internally improve, control and manage risk - retention, attenuation or elimination - vs. external options - financing and/or total or partial transfer options.
  • Analysis and studies of risk cost indicators - real vs. ideal - connected to the present and projected financial situation.
  • Development of risk information systems audit policies.
  • Development of models, risk mapping, internal processes and its conformance with international methodologies.
Our value added:
  • Our consultant’s international expertise in risk control administration and management.
  • We establish a strategic alliance relationship with our clients, turning risk management into a value generation process for the shareholders.
  • We cooperate in increasing risk management performance from an operating perspective into a strategy one, within the company's business plan.
  • We maximize capitalization of financial impacts derived from risk performance.
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