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Actuarial-Financial Services...

Service offering details:

  • Annual actuarial valuations for retirement, pension, post-retirement plans, etc.
  • Actuarial evaluations for fiscal and financial-accounting audits.
  • Diagnosis of benefits, policies and strategies of long-term benefits.
  • Definition of policies and strategies of long-term benefits, relating to organizational objectives and financial, labor and communicational implications.
  • Assistance in transition of defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans - company/employee contribution level quantification, contingent liabilities, financial risk and communicational process analysis.
  • Assistance in external audit process - actuarial certifications.
  • Determination of performance, use and profitability indicators of business lines in the insurance and reinsurance sector.
  • Morbidity, use, benefits level and financing analysis of company health programs.
  • Integration of human resources policies and processes within the legal and contracting scope of organizations involved in merger or acquisition processes.
Our value added:
  • We offer our customers financial-actuarial consulting services under a 360 degrees approach.
  • Realistic management of base and/or hypothesis supporting the financial-accounting results.
  • Objective and sustainable evaluation of financial-actuarial risk following local and international accounting standards.
  • Prospective and perspective estimate of costs, liabilities, profit and loss associated with long-term financing programs, under internationally accepted practices.
  • International experience and expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions processes.
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